What is Steward?

Steward provides centralized cron and periodic task monitoring with alerting, easily integrate steward into your existing windows scheduled tasks and Linux cron jobs. Gather detailed insight into job performance, analyze historical trends and establish an auditable job activity log. Our flexible API will track your scheduled tasks average run times and alert you when a particular job is running slowly or has failed altogether.


  • Jobs
  • Discover insight into the health of your periodic tasks.


  • Dashboard
  • Never let another failure go unnoticed. Get notified through email or SMS when jobs fail or run considerably longer than usual.


  • Activity
  • Track and help diagnose potential issues with a detailed activity log.

How does it work?

Steward has a easy to use RESTful API that easily integrates with just about any scripting or development language, as a result we're able to support any operating system. Getting started is simple, you’ll just need to insert a simple one line cURL request into your periodic task, for Ruby developers you can use our official Ruby gem.

Even if you’re not tracking periodic jobs with Steward, you can use our API to monitor and graph the run times for any piece of code, and alert you when it’s running less than optimal.

Integration with Pagerduty logo

Easily integrate your existing PagerDuty services with periodic jobs and tasks on Steward. Provide a service API key and we will take care of the rest. You can even customize your alert settings.